Magic Happens!

Magic Happens! is the story of Ronald Johnson's 35-year journey with the Northern Iowa Wind Symphony.


Product Description

This is the sto­ry of Ronald John­son’s 35-year jour­ney with the North­ern Iowa Wind Sym­pho­ny. It is a sto­ry of what they did togeth­er in those 35 years, of where they start­ed, where they trav­eled and, even­tu­al­ly, where they end­ed. It is a sto­ry of what they accom­plished togeth­er, what they hoped for, what they dreamed, and what they cre­at­ed. There are dis­cus­sions of reper­toire selec­tion and pro­gram­ming, and accounts of the North­ern Iowa Wind Sym­pho­ny’s six con­cert tours to Hun­gary and Italy.