Band Music of the French Revolution

This is the definitive study in English of the role of the wind band during the French Revolution and the Bourbon Restoration. In instrumentation the modern wind band begins here. Finally available in a fully updated second edition including new material on works by Anton Reicha, Nicolas-Charles Bochsa and Hector Berlioz.

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This is the defin­i­tive study in Eng­lish of the role of the wind band dur­ing the French Rev­o­lu­tion and the Bour­bon Restora­tion. In instru­men­ta­tion the mod­ern wind band begins here. Final­ly avail­able in a ful­ly updat­ed sec­ond edi­tion includ­ing new mate­r­i­al on works by Anton Reicha, Nico­las-Charles Bochsa and Hec­tor Berlioz.

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